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Why is my debit card not being accepted?

Your preferred lender may at any time conduct checks against various industry databases to verify your details in order to comply with money laundering regulations to protect against identity theft and fraud.

The most likely reasons why, when adding a card, it may not be accepted is

  • If you have no credit available in your bank account – you will need to be at least £1 in credit or be within an authorised overdraft limit.
  • The debit card you have added is not either a Visa Debit, Visa Electron or Debit MasterCard
  • The debit card you have added is a prepaid card

If the address on your application does not match the address found on online address verification systems.  This would happen if you moved to a new house but did not tell your bank, so they will still have that card registered to the old address.

It is important that you change this address anyway, as information about your card or bank account will be going to the wrong address and could leave you open to fraud.

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