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The people behind allcreditloans.net

Having worked in the guarantor loans market since 2012, we have seen how the market has changed and grown with an ever-expanding list of lenders.

  • As the number of lenders has grown so have the loan products on offer, which means there is now a great deal more choice.
  • More choice is a good thing, although this does mean that the market has become more confusing.

With this in mind, we set up GuarantorLoansUK.net to help you easily find the right loan with clear and well-balanced information.

We are a small team but passionate about our work and dedication to the cause of helping you find the right loan.


Man with the plan

In the past I had issues with debt and experienced first-hand the difficulties this caused in getting a loan; I understand how restricting this can be, how it can hold you back and how it makes you feel!

I believe that guarantor loans are currently the best available for those with a poor credit rating and set up Guarantor Loans UK to make the job of finding a suitable loan easier, I hope you find this site useful.

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Keeping everything together

It’s amazing the number of elements you have to coordinate to make a website and service like this happen; it is my job is to make sure that everything does (which is sometimes easier said than done); though my martial arts training comes in particularly handy if anyone is slacking!


Making sure it all makes sense

As you may have noticed there is quite a bit of writing on our site, so it is of course very important that the information included is useful, makes sense and helps the visitor. It is my job is to do much of the writing and check what others have written – you should see some of Jon’s typos!


Clever behind the scenes stuff

I do all the stuff that people do not really notice (except you would if I did not do it), like making sure your application actually gets to the lender. I love problem-solving and getting things working; although Jon thinks that means fixing things that he has broken!


Making the site look amazing

I’ve been a web developer for over 10 years now and love making a thought on paper come to life on the web. I am very proud of Guarantor Loans UK and am constantly working on it to make it better. I have worked on nearly every page of this website including this one you are reading now. Let’s face it, I’m the one here that really does all the hard work!


Helping us get found!

I’m also a SEO geek and I specialise in helping Guarantor Loans UK get quality links from other websites to help it get good rankings in Google. It’s a job that I’ve been doing for many years now and something I very much enjoy.


Helping us get found!

I do what is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which helps our site to get found when you type something into Google, Bing or the other search engines. I really enjoy the creativity that is required to help sites rank, and especially working in the challenging but rewarding loans space.

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