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Representative APR: 79.5% (variable)

Rates from 12.9% APR to 1625.5% APR. The minimum Loan Term is 1 month. The maximum Loan Term is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Repayment of 17 Months at £87.22 and final repayment of £87.70 The total amount repayable is £1570.44. Interest amounts to £570.44, an annual interest rate of 59.97%. Subject to affordability and your credit score.

How quickly can I get a loan?

It is theoretically possible to get the loan paid out within 24 hours* ⏱

This depends on how quickly you and your guarantor take to

  • Complete the application with your chosen lender
  • Take to supply all the required information

  • one simple form
  • over 30 lenders
  • instant quotes
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What Our Lenders Say

Once we are happy that your application is complete we will be able to get the money for your loans to you on the same day. Guarantor My Loan

With our guarantor loans, the money could be in your bank account today, if we get you approved before 3pm. 1+1 Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A few minutes to complete the final details with your chosen lender, this is also fairly quick.
  2. Remember that your guarantor also needs to fill out an application form, this sometimes can slow the process.

* The majority of our lender’s loans are paid out after a few days rather than the same day.

Typically, ‘unsecured loans’ are faster as a guarantor’s details are not required 🧍

  • However, with a guarantor, you typically get a better deal so get loan quotes to see costs.

Once the lender receives all the information from both you and your guarantor, approval can be within a few hours ⏲.

  • See above for our lender’s comments on timescales.

Unfortunately, not 👎

With many of our lenders, it is possible to get the loan on the same day, but there are many factors that mean this cannot be guaranteed, including

  • The number of other applications the lender has received that day
  • The lender’s bank processing the pay-out in time
  • and more…

However, the biggest thing that holds up pay-outs is the time it takes the applicant and their guarantor to get to the lenders all the information they have asked for, including:

  • Their budget plan
  • Suitable identification
  • and more…

To make sure your application goes through quickly

  1. Check out the typical criteria for you and your guarantor.
  2. Enter your details as accurately as possible.
  3. Find a suitable guarantor before you apply and make sure they are fully on board.
  4. Provide all information the lender has asked from you and your guarantor in good time.

Pro-Tip: internet access and email addresses – if you and your guarantor have access to the internet plus a fully functioning email addresses this will speed up the process.

Your lender will do the rest and try to get the money that you need to you as quickly as possible.

Rushing to find a loan can lead to rash decision making 🤔

Some fast loans are expensive, so consider before you take out this type of loan whether you have other options. Why not sit down, have a cup of tea, and ask yourself:

If I could not get a loan, what else could I do?

Brainstorm some alternative ideas and write them down, some may not be of any use, but the process of writing these down may spark your imagination to come up with something. Some examples to think about:

  • Is there a friend or family member that could give you a loan?
  • Is there a way you could get credit with the person or company to that you owe money to?
  • If say your car has broken, could you borrow a car from someone else, or use a bicycle for a short period?
  • If I missed a certain payment and made it in say a month’s time, would it matter?

More FAQs

If you have satisfied yourself that a loan is the only option, think about how quickly you need the money and ask yourself:

If I could not get a loan for four weeks, what else could I do?

By thinking about alternatives, you could give yourself space to really think about the options available, and ultimately make sure you get yourself the best deal.

The key now is finding a suitable loan backer quickly.

If you want to get a loan today, you will need to submit a fully completed application with a guarantor that meets the lender’s criteria.

In reality, this would be a difficult thing to do as you have to find someone, discuss them being your guarantor, fill out the application, answer the lender’s queries, and more.

If you have to have a loan very quickly consider a non-guarantor loan.

You and your guarantor will need to be:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Permanent UK resident
  • Not bankrupt or on an IVA
  • Have a UK bank account and debit card

One of the key areas that all lenders look at is affordability; can you and your guarantor afford the monthly repayments? While the questions they ask you may vary, this typically will require you to provide some or all the details about your monthly income and expenditure.

For more information see:

Determining that you can afford the loan is something that you should always do before you apply.

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides an excellent Budgeting Tool that provides a template for summarising your income and expenses, we would suggest that you spend a bit of time going through this before you apply.

To estimate what your monthly loan payments will be please see our loan calculator.

The next step is to get a loan quote from an actual lender where you will get exact details of the loan and the terms and conditions.

Apply and fill in your details, this will take about three minutes

Please note that at this stage your details will be sent to the most suitable lender, and they will then contact you back with details of the loan that you could qualify for. This will include all the information about costs, rates, etc.

By applying for a loan from our site you:

  • Are under no obligation to take out that loan
  • Have not incurred any charges
  • Will not be credit checked at this stage

For more information on guarantor loans have a look at:  Is a guarantor loan right for me? – Step Change Debt Charity

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Choose your loan amount: £500
How many months?

If approved, you could receive funds by 9:38 PM

  • 3-minute online application
  • Up to 35 UK lenders
  • Instant online quotes
  • No obligation
  • No fees - we are a free service

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

All Credit Loans is a licensed credit broker and not a lender.

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