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Need a loan but tired of

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  • Banks saying “NO”
  • Expensive payday & short term finance
  • Filling out loads of forms


We take the pain of getting a loan

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  • Financial History is not a problem
  • Affordable rates and no hidden fees
  • One simple form to multiple lenders*

We make getting a loan easy

Do you need to borrow quickly but find your applications being rejected by mainstream lenders?

Relax,  £500 can be with you in 1 hour and up to £10,000 can be with you 24 hours after submitting your application.

When you press ‘Quick Application’ below there are no fees and absolutely no obligation; all you will get is a range of offers so you can decide if one is right for you?

Helping you to a find the best options

  1. Bad financial histories OK

  2. Affordable rates and fees

  3. Fast application and payout

  1.   One application to multiple lenders
  2.   No broker or application fees
  3.   No credit checking at this stage
  4.   Secure online application

Frequently Asked Questions

So how quickly can I get the money?

£50 to £750 is available in 1 hour and £750 to £10,000 in as little as 24 hours.

  • Our short term lender has a particularly streamlined online process
  • To be able to get the cash in one hour you will need to fill out the online application and have all your supporting information ready (see next question)
  • The longer term finance options take a little longer, up to 24 hours from the time you submit your completed application.

How much does borrowing cost?

Our lenders finance are specifically for people with bad credit ratings, so they are more expensive than other options you may get from a high street bank or other mainstream lenders; but much cheaper than other fast solutions such as payday-loans.

  • We do though have a number of different lenders so costs do vary
  • To get an initial assessment of costs please see our Calculator
  • To get detailed fees and charges from each lender you will need to apply  and then you will receive a number of no obligation offers which details the exact cost and charges
Please note there are:
  • No application fees
  • No early redemption charges
  • No broker fees – we get paid by the lenders

Can I apply online?

Our application is completely online

  • This helps to make the application to pay-out process fast and efficient, plus discreet

What information do I need to apply?
Why do I need a guarantor and where do I go about finding one?

With a guarantor you get access to short term borrowing at much better value (627% APR versus up to 5000% APR for other well-known short term lenders) plus larger amounts which would normally not be available for some borrowers.

  • Your guarantor needs to have a clean personal finance history, and is normally someone like a friend, family member or work colleague
Before you approach someone to see if they will back your application we recommend that you have already have the following information to hand, just in case they ask you any questions?
  •  How much you are planning borrow
  •  Why you need the money (they are more likely to say Yes is there is a real reason rather than just buying some designer clothes!)
  •  How much you are paying back and over how many months
  •  Plus make them comfortable that you can afford the repayments
The main objection anyone will have to being your guarantor is that they will be worried that you will not make the repayments, and they will be stuck making these for you. So if you make them really comfortable that you CAN afford the repayments than they are much more likely to say yes!

I only need the money for a short period of time, can I also pay it back quickly?

  • You can pay back your borrowing at any time you wish without any early redemption penalties of charges
  • However much you borrow, if you want to pay back early you can

What can the money be used for, are there any restrictions?

On the application form we do ask what it is for, but this is not a condition of lending.

  • So what you use the money for is of no real concern
  • Having said that we do promote responsible borrowing; for this money that you borrow does need to be paid back
People typically uses are:
  •  Car replacement and repairs
  •  Home maintenance
  •  Covering short term unexpected expenses up to next payday
  •  Consolidating more expensive debts

4 easy steps

1. Calculator

Calculate how much you can afford to borrow and for how long

2. Easy Online Form

One simple online form to our panel of multiple lenders

3. Multiple Offers

Receive a choice of no obligation offers from multiple lenders

4. Get Your Money

Send off your preferred offer and get your cash

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