Who makes the monthly repayments?

Under normal circumstances, the borrower is expected to make all the loan repayments. Read More

How do I make the loan repayments?

Most lenders will ask you to set up a monthly Direct Debit. Read More

Can I share repayments with my Guarantor?

No. You need to be able to pay this loan on your own. Read More

When might you ask my guarantor to pay?

When you have stopped paying! Only if your loan account goes into arrears and the lender has not been able to agree on a plan. Read More

When do the monthly repayments start?

The loan repayments typically start within 30 days after your loan agreement is signed. Read More

Can I change my payment date?

Usually, you can change your payment date. You will need to agree to it with your lender. Read More

Will the repayments increase during the term?

Many lenders fix their interest rates, but others have variable rates, so this is something else that is worth checking out. Read More

How do I repay my Loan?

Your loan is repaid each month typically via direct debit. Read More

Do lenders allow you to make extra payments?

Most lenders will allow you to make extra payment, top-up payments, catch up payments, or settle late payments. Read More

Can I make my payments by PayPoint?

With some lenders, yes. Check with your lender. Read More

Are there any special loan benefits?

Some lenders offer borrowers certain benefits. Always check this out with your lender. Read More
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