Guarantor Loans

Can I share repayments with my Guarantor?

No. You need to be able to pay this loan on your own. Read More

When might you ask my guarantor to pay?

When you have stopped paying! Only if your loan account goes into arrears and the lender has not been able to agree on a plan. Read More

What is a guarantor loan?

A loan that required the backing of a guarantor. This makes affordable loans available to people with a poor credit score. Read More

How to find a guarantor for a loan?

Persuading someone to be your guarantor is more than just asking! We look at the 4 simple steps you need to take to successfully find a suitable guarantor. Read More

What do you need to be a guarantor?

A regular income so the loan is affordable, plus a clean credit history. Read More

Who can be a guarantor for a loan?

You need to be between 18 and 75 and a UK resident. For all criteria click here.

See Guarantor Loan Videos

See videos on "What is a guarantor loan" and more. Click Here

Are guarantor loans a payday loan alternative?

If you need a loan for over four weeks payday loans can become very expensive. A guarantor loan could be a more cost-effective alternative. Read More

Is a guarantor required?

If you are applying for a guarantor loan, then yes. Read More

Do I need a guarantor before I apply?

NO. But the process is much faster if you do. Read More

Will the lender need to speak to me or my guarantor?

Probably. Again, this is nothing to worry about. Read More

Why do you contact my guarantor directly when I’ve spoken to them?

Your lender needs to contact the guarantor directly to make sure they understand and are happy. Read More

Is it possible to change my guarantor?

Most lenders will allow this before the loan has been paid out. Read More

Will my guarantor be sent copies of any paperwork?

To meet their responsible lending responsibilities, all lenders will ensure your guarantor knows exactly. Read More

What happens if my guarantor changes their mind about the application?

If your guarantor has second thoughts and decides that they do not want to proceed. Read More
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