Application to Payout

How quickly will I get the loan?

With most of our lenders, it is possible to get loan funds paid out within twenty-four hours of submitting a completed application. Read More

What happens when I’ve completed my guarantor loan application?

Once you have applied with your chosen lender and finished your part of the application, the lender may be awaiting your guarantor to complete theirs. Read More

Is there a cooling off period?

By law you have a cooling-off period of 14 days once your loan has been paid out. Read More

Can I cancel my application?

If you want to cancel your application, don’t worry, you can do this. Read More

Can I change the loan amount or extend my loan term?

You can usually change the loan amount and the loan term with most lenders at any point before the loan is paid out. Read More

How will the loan be paid to me?

The loan will be paid via bank transfer into your guarantor’s bank account. Read More

Why do lenders pay the loan into the guarantor’s bank account?

Most lenders pay the money into the guarantor's bank account to protect them from fraud. Read More
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