Now Is the Time to Switch Energy Supplier

Now Is the Time to Switch Energy Supplier

As winter is approaching fast now is the time to change your energy supplier if you want to save money.

Depending on your current supplier and how you usually pay your bills Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis estimates that an average household could save up to around £290 per year.

In order to do this, you will need a rough estimate of your current usage and be prepared to spend a little bit of time of a price comparison website.

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In order to make the most out of possible savings, you will need to have both gas and electricity from the same supplier and pay monthly by direct debit. If, however, this is not possible in your circumstances you can still almost certainly save money.

The market is so competitive at the moment that British Gas, a company not known for competing on price, has just launched a new duel fuel, a direct debit fixed rate which is available to both existing and new customers, saving a possible £200 per year.

This is currently only available through Money Supermarket and there is a £60 exit fee. You can, however, take the tariff with you if you move house and will not, therefore, be liable for the penalty.

Save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills with Which? expert tips. They reveal ways to save electricity, plus make your home more energy-efficient.

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We know that finding the time to visit comparison websites and enter the same information again and again can be a challenge but in this case, it really is worth the effort.

Who knows what the winter will bring in terms of weather but no matter what this is the perfect time to change your energy supplier in order to make the most of the available savings.

Click here to find out how to switch energy supplier and shop for a better deal.

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Clare McDonald

As a mother of two, Clare knows the importance of being careful with money, so writes posts from personal experience. Clare also loves to find great deals, so shares her finding here.

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