Minimise Energy Bills This Winter

Minimise Energy Bills This Winter

With the long dark days, and terrible weather outside, how can you minimise energy bills over the winter months?

1. Turn the thermostat downAn image of a thermostat

Even just reducing it by 1°c should reduce your heating bills by around 10% which could save you up to £55 a year.

The Department of Energy estimates savings of about 1 % for each degree change per 8 hours, and recommends turning thermostats back 7 – 10 degrees from their normal settings for 8 hours per day to achieve annual savings of up to 10%.

One way to help you automatically turn the heating down and save energy is with a smart thermostat, which automatically senses when the house is occupied, and adjust heating accordingly. See this article discussing the best smart thermostat.

2. Turn the lights offan image of lights in a living room

Simply turning the light off when you leave a room can make a big difference in how much electricity you are using. Similarly, don’t leave electronic appliances on standby; televisions etc. still use a surprising amount of power if they’re not switched off properly.

Also, the modern LED lights, especially those on the blue end of the light spectrum can also help to make sleep more difficult, read more to find out more.

3. Fill up your appliancesan image of a dishwasher

If you are going to use a dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer make sure they are full when you switch them on.

If you only have a small amount of washing up do it by hand rather than in the machine and if you have washing to dry why not hang it out for a while and then finish it off in the tumble dryer?

Nothing ever gets properly dry outside in the winter but this should save a fair amount of drying time.

4. Only boil the water you needAn image of a kettle

Don’t fill the kettle to the top unless you’re going to use all the water.

It takes a long time to heat a full kettle compared to one cup and that’s all wasted energy.

For example, this article discusses how you could save £11.68 a year, and lots of time waiting!

  • The Energy Saving Trust offers a number of great ways to save water here.

5. Make sure you have good insulationAn image of a living room

There’s no point heating the house if all that warmth is disappearing through the roof and walls.

There are lots of grants available to help improve home energy efficiency at low or no cost to you.

6. Use low energy lightbulbsAn image of a low energy light bulb

Today’s light bulbs use a fraction of the energy of those just a few years ago.

For example if you look at the comparison charts on this website, an LED bulb only consumes 8.5 watts of energy compared to the old 60Watt incandescent bulb.

This simple change could also save around £55 each year and while the bulbs may be more expensive, they will last a lot longer.

  • How do energy-saving light bulbs work? Click here to find out!

7. Make sure you’re on the best energy tariff availableAn image of a competitive pricing document

This is probably the best way to save money and is surprisingly easy.

You’ll need bills going back a few months and a good comparison website to compare rates for your usage.

One of the easiest ways to cut your gas and electric bills is to make sure you get a good energy deal in the first place.

8. Be wise with your energy bill creditAn image of a payment being made via computer

People often accidentally overpay their bills if they are no direct debit.

So, if you pay by direct debit and your estimated bill is more than your meter reading, you might be best to ‘bank’ that credit for the winter which is often a more expensive time of year.

This can be better than claiming any over-payment back or asking for your monthly payment to be reduced.

  • Find out all you need to know about getting a prepayment meter installed right here.

No. 10 – Would a fixed tariff be better?An image of a bill breakdown

Investigate whether you’d be better on a fixed tariff; give your energy supplier and call and see if there is anything they can do to reduce your bills.

It is in their interest to help and retain your custom.

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