10 Free Ways to Entertain the Kids This Summer

10 Free Ways to Entertain the Kids This Summer

Summer holidays are sometimes enough to fill anyone with dread but if you’re on a tight budget they can be a nightmare.

Here are a few ways to entertain the children without breaking the bank (for more ideas try Netmums).

1 – A Picnic in the ParkAn Image of a Picnic Basket

Pack up lunch, grab a Frisbee and head to the local park. It’s amazing the difference eating outside makes and hopefully they’ll burn off some of that excess energy.

If you are looking for a little inspiration for what to take to eat, visit – The perfect picnic, four ways

2 – Visit Your Local LibraryAn Image of a Local Library

Local libraries often have reading trails during the holidays designed to encourage children of all ages to read more. Have a look at what your local library is doing.

For a full list of local libraries, please visit the following link and enter your postcode – Local library services

3 – Visit The Local Pet StoreAn Image of a Pet Shop Story

As long as your willpower and ability to say no is strong you could visit your local pet shop for a play with the animals. Many have special events and open days – try looking for a Facebook page or finding them on Twitter to find out more.

A quick visit to Google Maps can also help to find your local pet stores. Just click here and search for ‘pet stores’.

4 – Camping in Your GardenAn Image of a Tent In The Garden

If you have access to one try pitching a tent in the garden. Even if you’re not happy letting the children sleep out there the play possibilities are endless.

For some top tips to help you get started, check out – Camping at home: sleep in a tent in your own garden

5 – Let Your Imagination Run WildAn Image of a Sketch

Grab a scroll of paper (we like the IKEA ones), draw an outline and let the children do the rest. Here is the Star Wars universe.

Try these ‘10 sketching tips for beginners‘ to help you along the way

6 – Visit A Museum or Art GalleryAn Image of a Local Museum

There are a lot of free museums and art galleries across the country. To make it more interesting to make the children a worksheet before you go encouraging them to look out for certain things or solve a puzzle.

This list of museums in England can help you to find everything located nearby

7 – It’s Movie Time!

An Image of a Family Watching a Film

Have a film afternoon. Draw the curtains, stick some popcorn in the microwave, grab a duvet and watch a film you haven’t seen for ages. You could have a look at the TV listings for the week to see if you can time it for something showing.

Rotten Tomatoes have drawn up their top 100 films for families and children. See how many you still have to see.

8 – Make Your Own Movie!An Image Showing Film Title

You could even make your own film using your phone, tablet or camera. Let them choose the costumes, write a script and action!

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a Steven Spielberg? Check out 8 Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro

9 – Organise A Treasure HuntA Treasure Hunt Map

Organise a treasure or scavenger hunt around the house and garden. Make it just difficult enough that it keeps them busy but not so difficult that they give up!

Find out more about treasure hunts right here.

10 – Have Some Friends OverAn Image of Children Playing

Children are great at entertaining each other and sometimes just having a friend over is enough. Hopefully, the other parent will reciprocate and you’ll have a quiet afternoon another time!

Find some great indoor games for when the weather is poor by clicking here.

We hope this gave you some good ideas?

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