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Shopacheck was a small loan provider who were bought by the Perpignon Group and merged with Morses Club in March 2015

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Looking for a £100 to £400 Doorstep Loan?

Could help even if you’ve be turned down elsewhere

Quick and convenient cash loans for uncertain times

  • Bad credit, defaults & CCJs OK
  • Accept self-employed & unemployed
  • Tenants and non-homeowners OK
  • No hidden fees
  • Manageable weekly cash re-payments
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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopacheck was part of the Cattle Group, formed by Joseph Cattle in Hull in 1927.

  • After an initial start in retailing, the group began to offer home credit as a way of allowing their customers to spread the costs of purchases over a longer period of time.
  • Repayment was made, much like now, through agents on a weekly basis. After several mergers, the group was organised under the Shopacheck name in the early 1980s.
  • Shopacheck specialised in small cash, or doorstep, loans which were under the management of a collection agent who would come for cash repayments on a weekly basis.
  • These repayments were logged in a dedicated book so you could see exactly how much was still outstanding at any time.
  • Loans of up to £1,000 were usually available with a typical APR in 2011 of around 254.5%.
  • These loans were designed to be very short term and were available to most people who could demonstrate that they were able to afford the repayments.
  • They were even happy to provide loans to people with CCJs, poor credit history or no bank account.

Yes 👍

Shopacheck was a doorstep loan (home credit) company. A Morses Club loan has all the same great features:

  • Cash loan delivered directly your home
  • Weekly repayments collected by an agent from your door
  • Accept borrowers that many other companies turn down


  • UK bank account is required
  • Loans are paid into your bank account
  • Weekly repayments are made from your bank account

For new customers

  • From £100 to £400
  • From 13 to 52 weeks

For existing customers

  • From £100 to £1,500

Lenders accept borrowers that many other bad credit lenders turn down 😀

  • Manageable weekly repayments
  • Note the new COVID safe lending practices
    • UK Bank Account is required
    • Cash is not delivered to your door but transferred to your bank account

This depends on how much you borrow and for how long 🧮

  • For example, for £200 loan over 34 weeks there are 34 weekly payments of £10, the total repaid is £340 with a rate of interest of 107.1%. Representative 466.37% APR
  • For other amounts and timescales see the Loan Calculator

Yes 👍 *

  • Guarantor loans are typically the best value poor credit loans with Representative APR’s typically around 49.9%
  • Though they require a guarantor, someone with a clean credit history to back your application, someone who may be required to make the loan repayments if you ever stopped.
  • To get no obligation guarantor loan quotes click here
    • No credit score impact
    • Is free
    • Is no obligation

* Subject to status

Quick and Easy 🏃💨

  • Simply Click Here, select your loan amount and term then fill out the application form

  • convenient loans
  • bad credit okay
  • manageable weekly re-payments
  • help those turned down by others
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