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Greenwoods Personal Credit Now Provident

Greenwood’s was founded in 1877, and bought by Provident in 1977 trading under the name of Greenwood Personal Credit offering doorstep loans. The Greenwood name has now been completely replaced by Provident.

Our Doorstep Loan options

Top doorstep loans by reviews

1. Morses Club
Excellent from 856 reviews on
2. Provident
4.8 / 5 from 1,828 reviews on

Top doorstep loans by Representative APR

1. Morses Club
Representative Example. Loan £200.
Weekly Repayment £15.00. Loan Term 20 weeks. Total Repayment £300.
Interest Rate (fixed) 50% p.a.
2. Provident
Representative Example. Loan £270.
Weekly Repayment £16.20. Loan Term 26 weeks. Total Repayment £421.2.
Interest Rate (fixed) 112% p.a.

News Flash 23rd August 2017:  £1.7bn wiped off Provident Financials’ value as shares plunge 68pc on huge profit warning

Daily Telegraph. 22nd August 2017

Comment by Jon Edwards 22nd August 2017

As per the above article in the Daily Telegraph, Provident Financial appear to be in serious financial difficulties.
If a lender is in financial difficulties, this can potentially have the following consequences:

  • Poor service levels

They may attempt to cut their overheads, and customer service can suffer

  • Recalled loans

A lender cannot break loan agreement that you signed and the terms within that agreement; so if you are within your loan term of the agreement you should be fine. Though to be safe please read you loan agreement, and if you have any concerns please contact

Though if you are at the end of your loan agreement and you have an outstanding balance, the company may try and force you to pay back the balance and be less ‘understanding’ than they may have been previously.

  • Restricted future lending

With financial difficulties may come restriction into their future lending.
If you are looking for a doorstep loan, then we suggest at this stage you approach Provident with caution, until more information is released.
The other main Doorstep lender are:

  • The Morses Club
  • AJ Cockle Finance