No Up Front Fees

The Site is Free to Use

Our basic principle is that this web site is free to use.

We want you to use the potential of the site to help you narrow down your finance options without the fear of fees or charges. You can use our web forms free of charge and you are never obliged to proceed with any offer that may be presented to you.

So How do we Cover our Costs?

The first thing to note is that we try to keep our costs to a minimum. For instance, we don’t believe we need a call centre to take enquiries. And we don’t believe that having people manning phones will improve the information you have available to you. Instead we prefer to develop tools to help you quickly narrow down the options for you.

Developing and maintaining the website does cost money so we do need a revenue stream. With our principle of keeping the site free for you to use we instead earn revenue from the lenders we work with.

No Fees

When you see this “No Fees” logo on a product page you can be assured that Solution Loans’ income is not being added to your loan amount. In these situations, the income we earn is a cost born by the lender not by you.

No fees added by All Credit Loans to your loan value

Buy Through Us at the Same Price as Going Direct

Typically, we only receive a payment if an applicant actually takes out that credit product. Most of the time the commission we earn is simply a cost to the lender’s business. It is not added to the price you pay. This is our full “no fees” service – no upfront fees and no fees on completion.

So using our online broking service means you get the choice and the information without paying any extra for it. In other words, you can come via All Credit Loans, get a better choice of solutions and pay no more for them than if you had gone direct (where this is possible). So using All Credit Loans makes complete sense!

Although we do not charge any fees some lenders may add a fee to the loan amount. You should make sure you are clear about all costs before you proceed with any loan.