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Shopackeck Doorstep Loans now Morses Club

Shopacheck were a small loan provider who were bought by the Perpignon Group and merged with Morses Club in March 2015

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1. Morses Club
Excellent from 856 reviews on
2. Provident
4.8 / 5 from 1,828 reviews on

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1. Morses Club
Representative Example. Loan £200.
Weekly Repayment £15.00. Loan Term 20 weeks. Total Repayment £300.
Interest Rate (fixed) 50% p.a.
2. Provident
Representative Example. Loan £270.
Weekly Repayment £16.20. Loan Term 26 weeks. Total Repayment £421.2.
Interest Rate (fixed) 112% p.a.

Shopacheck Loans history

Shopacheck were part of the Cattle Group, formed by Joseph Cattle in Hull in 1927.
After an initial start in retailing the group began to offer home credit as a way of allowing their customers to spread the costs of purchases over a longer period of time.

Repayment was made, much like now, through agents on a weekly basis. After several mergers, the group was organised under the Shopacheck name in the early 1980s.
Shopacheck specialised in small cash, or doorstep, loans which were under the management of a collection agent who would come for cash repayments on a weekly basis.

These repayments were logged in a dedicated book so you could see exactly how much was still outstanding at any time.

Loans of up to £1,000 were usually available with a typical APR in 2011 of around 254.5%.

These loans were designed to be very short term and were available to most people who could demonstrate that they were able to afford the repayments.

They were even happy to provide loans to people with CCJs, a poor credit history or no bank account.

If you are interested in taking out a similar type of loan we have lenders who specialise in the doorstep loans market. These loans are approved quickly and you will receive cash via your appointed agent. You will then repay this agent on a weekly basis until the loan is cleared.

Cash loans like these are suitable for very short-term lending and are not designed to be used for larger, longer-term loans due to the higher than average APR. If you would like to borrow more we also have suitable lenders who can help.