Typical Guarantor Loan Borrowing Criteria

We get loan quotes from the best lenders in the UK, specific criteria is therefore subject to change and may slightly vary, but the following summarising the primary criteria that you will need to meet:

  1. Over 18 years of age (max of 65 for loans above £500)
  2. Income over £100 per month including benefits (loans over £500 only)
  3. UK Resident (excluding Isle of Man)
  4. Not insolvent (IVA, Trust Deed or Bankrupt)
  5. Have a UK bank account and a debit or credit card
  6. Have a friend, colleague or family member with a clean credit rating who can guarantee your loan

Criteria for your Guarantor is as 1-4 above plus:

  1. Good (or marginally imperfect) credit rating
  2. Tenant or homeowner (homeowners will help you get loans over £5,000 plus better rates)
  3. Income over £400 per month for small £50 to £500 loans, or £500 per month for larger £500 to £10,000 loans.