Eight Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Eight Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Spending money online is too easy! Have a look at our top tips on saving money when shopping online:

No. 1 – Finding the best price is quick and simpleAn Image of a Lady Preparing To Make An Online Purchase

Whether you use a shopbot, Google shopping or simply spend hours researching you are almost certainly going to find the most competitive price for anything you buy.

To help save a little time, we have drawn up our list of some of our favourite UK price comparison websites:

It’s always worth doing your homework beforehand though, as the excellent following article explains, not everything can be taken at face value – “Not all price comparison sites are acting in consumers’ best interests

For more information about Google Shopping, please click here.

No. 2 – Benefit from the mistakes of othersAn Image of a Red Buy Now Button On a Computer Keyboard

If you use eBay have you ever tried deliberately misspelling items in your search? Try it, you’ll be amazed what you find.

Visit eBay by clicking here and see what you can find! To help you along the way, a great new website called Fat Fingers can help to make your search even quicker. Just typing the word Playstation into their search box generated the following results!

A screenshot from ebay showing misspelled playstation games

No. 3 – Be first in the queue when the sales start

If you are registered with websites you will usually receive emails telling you about their sales or highlighting special offers. Pay attention because you could save a fortune.An Image of Online Shopping Sale Icons

Do children need a new school uniform? Wait until there’s 20% off at Marks and Spencer’s and then order without having to worry about whether the store will have their size.

For some additional ideas about saving money when shopping online, check out ‘10 Online Shopping Tips To Save Money While Scoring Major Discounts

No. 4 – Use vouchers wherever you canAn Image of Someone Making An Online Purchase

There is a multitude of websites like VoucherCodes, MyVoucherCodes and VoucherCloud which offer a variety of different discounts from restaurants and shopping to travel and sport.

To help cut down on the legwork, the Mirror has drawn up a brilliant article called ‘25 best money-saving websites for voucher codes, coupons and more‘ which highlights many of the best current deals available.

No. 5 – Take advantage of flexible delivery optionsAn Image of a Shopping Trolley In a Supermarket

If you don’t want to wait in why not have your items delivered instore or to your local post office? Even if you haven’t got time to shop it’s easy enough to pop in and pick up a parcel and many companies offer next day in-store delivery free of charge compared to often expensive home delivery options.

Companies such as Amazon offer a fantastic array of delivery options. Click here for a little insight.

No. 6 – Make sure you shop at the right times

Killing a few spare moments at the weekend surfing the net for deals may seem like a good idea but the truth is, you could be missing out if you are not browsing at the right times.an image of a man wearing a watch

Finding the best prices is all about where and when you do your browsing and to help narrow things down for you, Lifehacker have drawn up a great article highlighting ‘The Best Times to Shop Online If You Want The Most Savings

With the introduction of ‘Black Friday,’ it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that the end of the week is the day when the best deals are introduced. However, for many websites, Tuesday and Thursday are actually the days you may make the biggest savings.

No. 7 – Are you missing the important information?An image of an e-mail inbox

How many e-mails do you receive on an average day? With more emails being sent on a daily basis than ever before, it stands to reason that missing important information has never been easier.

Even taking the relatively simple step of ensuring that your e-mails are well organised can help to make sure that should a great deal drop into your inbox, you find out about it before it’s too late.

Check out ‘An Email Fanatic’s Guide to Organizing Your Inbox’ to make sure you are kept up to date by clicking here.

No. 8 – All it takes is a little patience

An image of an online shopping basket

Are you prone to impulse buying? We’ve all done it from time to time and generally speaking it never works out too well!

One way to counter this and possibly even save a little money is to leave your chosen items in your online basket for a couple of days. Not only will this help to ensure that you have a bit of extra time to decide whether this is an impulse buy or not, but you may also be surprised at how often prices drop over a couple of days.

This can work particularly well on Amazon. Click here to find out more.

Did you know that you actually have more rights with online shopping than you do in store? Thanks to the Consumer Contracts Regulations you can return most items within a fortnight for a full refund even if there is nothing wrong with them. This is your 14 days ‘cooling off’ period. If you return in store items must be faulty – although of course, many stores are happy to exchange or refund if the item is still as new.

Do not assume that online is always the best price!

For high-value items like televisions and computers always make sure you do your research and keep in mind that shops like John Lewis offer a free of charge five-year warranty on all televisions which might make the extra £s worth the price.

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Clare McDonald

As a mother of two, Clare knows the importance of being careful with money, so writes posts from personal experience. Clare also loves to find great deals, so shares her finding here.

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